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Today's conference organisers require a specialised solution for internet access. They need a network that will carry high volumes of traffic supporting hundreds of tech savvy conference goers simultaneously. The increase in the demand for video streaming and the popularity of social networking mean attendees need to be constantly online viewing content and posting updates throughout a conference. In addition, conference speakers often require dedicated connectivity for online presentations to ensure uninterrupted internet access.

"Microsoft frequently runs training events for IT Developers on the Windows Azure platform (Microsoft's cloud services platform) in hotel conference rooms. The attendees tends to multi-task at our events, following the content being presented, whilst checking references and resources online, blogging or commenting and sharing via social media channels.

A fast and reliable Wi-Fi service such as Bitbuzz Convention is essential for Microsoft technical events and is a key factor when deciding where we book events."

Mr Enda Flynn
Technical Audience Marketing Manager, Microsoft Ireland

The range of services that Bitbuzz Convention has to offer include:

  • The ability to support hundreds of conference delegates
  • Dedicated internet access for conference speakers
  • Increased capacity for large events
  • Simplified login process for conference attendees
  • On-site support
  • Faster download speeds
  • Emergency broadband backup

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