Complete flexibility on how you can offer Wi-Fi access to your guests.

Bitbuzz Adapt

Bitbuzz Adapt, is a 5 star Wi-Fi service, providing hotels with a fast, secure and flexible Wi-Fi solution. In most modern hotels, guests expect (and we recommend) that the service is available throughout the entire property. However, we can also facilitate smaller deployments where appropriate.

With Bitbuzz Adapt you have complete flexibility on how you can offer Wi-Fi access to your guests such as,

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Paid Wi-Fi
  • Limited amount of complimentary Wi-Fi per night
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi for residents in specific rooms.

Bitbuzz will work with you to develop a solution to fit your needs. What works well in one hotel, may not work in another.

Key Features:

24x7 monitoring

We constantly monitor the bandwidth and each piece of equipment on our network to ensure your guests get the best possible service.


As an ISP, Bitbuzz is governed by regulations set out by the EU and complies with all local laws including The Digital Economy Act 2010 in the UK and the Communications (Retention of Data) Act 2011 in Ireland.

By selecting Bitbuzz, you will ensure that the service provided to your guests complies with all legal requirements and your hotel will be seen as being "socially responsible".

Bitbuzz Technical Support

At Bitbuzz , we understand how important it is that your guests have a positive internet experience. We provide step by step instructions in each hotel room and for those guests who still have a problem with their connection our Technical Support line is available on a low call number 7 days a week to diagnose and solve any technical problem your guest may have. Unlike our competitors, Bitbuzz Technical Support is provided by Bitbuzz engineers and not a 3rd party call centre with limited technical expertise.

Customised login Page

Bitbuzz Adapt, features a customisable login page that every user sees when they access the Bitbuzz Wi-Fi service. This login page can be branded for your hotel and will help reinforce your branding and offers you additional marketing opportunities.

Marketing Material (Point Of Sale)

We will supply you with a range of marketing collateral to make guests aware that your hotel has a Wi-Fi service. This includes in-room tent cards; signs for the common areas and information leaflets.


Bitbuzz will proactively drive Wi-Fi usage to your hotels with our global partnership deals such as iPass, Boingo and others.


Your hotel will be listed on the Bitbuzz Hotspot Finder on our website and on the various mobile phone Apps that we have developed. The Bitbuzz Hotspot Finder provides users with your full address, logo and an interactive map showing directions to your property. Our international partners including Telefonica, iPass and Boingo also list your location as being Wi-Fi enabled.

Every two months our Wi-Fi newsletter goes to over 300,000 business travellers. As a Location Partner you can avail of the opportunity to promote your premises to our users.

Dedicated Account Manager

Once the Bitbuzz service is installed in your hotel, you will be allocated an Account Manger who will be your primary point of contact and will deal with any issues you may have He will also visit the hotel to meet with you on a regular basis.

In addition your Bitbuzz Account Manager will,

Arrange quarterly strategy meetings with managers.

Provide bi-monthly usage reports showing the level of Wi-Fi usage in your hotel each month along with an analysis of your hotel's traffic patterns and suggestions on how to increase usage.

Provide staff training to all relevant staff. This will enable them to provide basic information to guests who wish to avail of the service. This is not only important for front-office staff; your sales staff also need to have enough information to effectively sell the service and your hotel to corporate and conferencing clients.

Will schedule regular "refresher" training sessions with your staff to ensure they are always up to date and new staff are brought up to speed.

Bitbuzz OnLine

Traditional Wi-Fi services forced locations to order and maintain a stock of paper vouchers. Bitbuzz OnLine allows you to create vouchers for your guests on demand using our secure online system. Our system creates PDF files which are printed on your headed paper. The page also contains full instructions for logging on, making the process even easier for your guests.

Bitbuzz OnLine also gives you full historical reports, including monthly and daily summaries, audit information, etc.

More information


ROI: 1850 BITBUZ (1850 248 289)
UK: 0333 444 BUZZ (0333 444 2899)

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